2 projects done!

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So yesterday Cait and I went to the shop and I not only finished the scarf I was working on, but also the hat! I am so excited. I have now begun to make another scarf and this one is for Leighton. It is going to look really cool. I am using size 9 (US) needles and Chunky Marble Yarn MC2. The pattern I am using can be found here. So here are some pictures.

Well until next time… keep knitting. ūüôā


Pattern for the blanket

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So I have decided to put up the pattern for the blanket I made.


Needles: Size 8 36 in. Circular needles

Yarn: Marble shade MT11 approximately 7 or 8 balls


Cast on 200 stiches

Knit in garter stitch until you reach the length you desire. Cast off.

I added tassels but if you don’t want to that is fine.

For directions on how to make a tassel go here: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Tassels.

All in all this is a very easy pattern. Please be kind and print off as many copies as you want for you and/or friends, but please do not sell them. I am making this a free pattern but I do not want people to take advantage of it. Thank you.

Finally finished!

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So I finished the blanket today. Here is the final product.

IMG_1202My next project is a scarf for my friend John Galt. I am using Butterfly Mercerized Cotton Super-10 yarn Color No. 3764 Dye Lot No. 394. I am using ChiaoGoo Premium Bamboo circular needles Size 7 24 inch. I knitted 15 rows and then I am going stockinette stitch and will end with 15 more rows of knitted stitch. It looks great so far. I have about 7 inches.

Here is a picture.



Knit Side

Purl Side

Purl Side

Well that about sums it up for now. Until next time… keep knitting.

Finally finished

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Well it is now complete. Well at least the knitting aspect of it is. I have to go up to the Taming of the Ewe this week and get them to help my fix dropped stitches, weave in the ends and add tassels to the corners. Without further ado here is a picture of the blanket now that it is off the needles.

IMG_1200Hopefully I can post the fully finished project by Wednesday or so. Until next time… keep those needles busy.

Knitting along

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Blanket as of June 27

Blanket as of June 27

This is the blanket as of now. I am almost done. Just 2 more skeins. Soon it will be done. Maybe before the end of August if I am lucky.

Until next time…. Just keep knitting.

Wisdom Teeth,knitting, and Harry Potter

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So it has been a while since I last updated. I finished the 5th skein of yarn right before I got my wisdom teeth removed or right after, I can’t remember which. Here is the picture.



The blanket as of May 21, 2009

The blanket as of May 21, 2009

As for my reading material I have begun to re-read the Harry Potter series. I am almost finished with the 1st one. I am on page 261 out of 364 pages. It is a very fast read. It is a fast read because 1. It is written at a elementary level and 2. It is very interesting. Both of these things help it go by really fast. I do have to say that I am catching things that I never caught before. Foreshadowing things and people that seemed insignificant in the beginning but became important. 

Well until next time….keep knitting.

Will it ever end?

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Well I have made it through the 4 skeins of yarn that I originally bought for the blanket for Mom. I thought it would just be a throw, but Mom wants a BLANKET! I will give it to her because I love her, but it seems like it is taking forever. Here is a picture of it after the 4 skeins. It is long, but not long enough in Mom-standards. 



Blanket after 4 skeins of yarn.

Blanket after 4 skeins of yarn.

So each skein is 240 yards. So that means that I have used 960 yards. By the end of this I will have used 1,920 yards. That is a lot of yarn!  Once I finish the actual knitting of the blanket I am adding fringe. The yarn for the fringe is a white yarn and a lavender yarn. I am going to use them both. I think it will look good. It will just take a while to get to the finished project. Hopefully I get there soon.